The 2017 International Symposium on Energy Technology and Strategy (ISETS 2017) is organized by the Research Center for Energy Technology and Strategy (RCETS) of the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan. This symposium will be held in the NCKU campus on Friday, November 10, 2017.

RCETS is one of the four most prominent research centers at NCKU and also a premier energy research center in Taiwan. Starting in the year 2011, RCETS has annually hosted the International Symposium on Energy Technology and Strategy (ISETS). The theme of this year’s ISETS 2017 is “Living in the Future – Resiliency, Circular Economy, Net-Zero Energy, and Smart Management.”

For this conference, we have cordially invited Dr. Jill Engel-Cox, the Director of the Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA, to give the keynote presentation. She will talk about renewable energy manufacturing technologies and sustainable urban living. We have also invited Mr. Charles Huang, Chairman of the Taiwan Sugar Corporation (Taisugar), and the President of the Taiwan Circular Economy Network. He will introduce how Taisugar is applying key principles of circular economy to the development of a future public housing complex in the Tainan area. Furthermore, we have extended our invitation to researchers from renowned universities and research centers located around the world, including Argonne National Laboratory, USA, the Singapore Institute of Technology, and the University of Westminster, UK, to share their invaluable knowledge, insights, and experiences.

The overall goals of ISETS 2017 are to share international energy strategies focusing on both the research and application of resilient community, net-zero energy, smart management, and circular economy approaches to real-world built environments that exist or are planned to be constructed in the near future. In this way, we hope to build and strengthen international collaboration links, cultivate interdisciplinary talent, and promote the exchange of gifted and talented students and prominent researchers between Taiwan and other countries.